Bordertown Hot Dogs

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 11/21/2014

We like to shop local. 
It's good for the economy.
Hence we visit places like Bordertown Hot Dogs. 
Right here in our own backyard.
You should shop local as well.
Our goal is to build our presence in retailers nationwide for 2015.
Lems could be your local. 
Oh and one more thing, drink more coffee. 

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Coming Soon: The Boulder Boot Buckeye

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 11/4/2014

The First Official Sneak Peek of the Boulder Boot Buckeye
Coming next month....

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You Aint Never Had a Friend Like Me

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 8/12/2014

We have all experienced our share of celebrity passings.  Most of which come with an overdose of a certain drug or a lifestyle which toes the line a little too closely.  Yet every once in a while we hear of a celebrities death that hits our inner core.

I grew up watching VHS tapes of Robin Williams on repeat.  I had the songs of Aladdin memorized, I dressed up as Rufio for Halloween, and I watched Good Will Hunting on loop when I needed that extra motivation to "Go see about a girl" 

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Live Easy. Live Minimal. Love Lems Shoes.

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 7/29/2014

Too often we get stuck in routine and have trouble finding time to enjoy our surroundings. Even if you don't "Love Lems Shoes", we encourage you to take a little time, every day, to free your mind.

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Introducing GlassHouse Shirtmakers

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 7/1/2014

The Nine2Five's paired with an Organic Gingham Dress shirt by Glass House Shirt Makers

It is not always easy finding a dress shirt that fits. Either they are too tight, causing the all too dreadful pit stains; or they are too long and trying to wear them untucked looks like a nightgown overtop khakis. 

Our friends over at GlassHouse Shirtmakers are not only bringing us dress shirts that actually fit an upper torso the way it is supposed to, but they are doing it using 100% organic materials and a blend of sustainable fabrics.

"The simplicity of our designs utilize minimal amount of materials that are of the utmost quality, without sacrificing quality or style. Every detail is looked at closely and examined to be the most efficient. Having small-batch manufacturing allows us to do this, and that means the closest attention to all elements. With small batches of shirts, like small batches of wine or cheese, each detail is paid close attention to, typically by a few or only one person, and we believe this is how a high-quality shirt is made best."

Use promo code "LEMS" for 15% off at through 
July 2nd!

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Nine2Fives BoomShackaLaka

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 6/4/2014


Hold on to your butts....

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Trail Days '14

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 5/19/2014

I have never been much of a camper but it was something I always felt I needed to do more of.  I felt in order to "know myself", I needed to put the phone down and spend more time outdoors.  So without any research or knowledge, when Andrew approached me asking if I wanted to go camping this past weekend, I said yes without hesitation.  

We jumped into the car and headed to Damascus, Virginia.  I was told Damascus was a stop on the Appalachian Trail and current hikers would be camping as well.  So I figured we would be camping in the woods and see the occasional hiker passing by the street. I shrugged it off, pulled my hat over my eyes, and slept the majority of the trip.  

After 8 hours of driving we knew we had come upon Damascus by a subtle sign that welcomes visitors to the small town of 800 residents.  After the half mile drive down main street which included a single gas station and a single bar, our car turned right and I was immediately overwhelmed by dreadlocked, mohawked, and bearded hikers embracing the small town with music, dancing, and tents, hundreds of tents.  I quickly realized how little I knew of the Appalachian Trail and even less about those who chose to hike the 2200 mile trek.

Ranging from Georgia to Maine, the Appalachian Trail is attempted by hundreds of people every year.  Those attempting the trail generally start their hike mid-March and about two months later find themselves close to the small town of Damascus.  To celebrate their journeys, the people of Damascus throw the annual event know as Trail Days to honor past alumni of the trail, present hikers, and friends and family of both.   

Upon placing the Lems-Mobile in park, we were immediately greeted by our friend Damien who runs minimalist shoe blog, ToeSalad.  With the help of, Damien is currently hiking the trail with his family of five.  I immediately envied his son who could have been no older than twelve years old and could probably put our tent, whose instructions I read on the way down, together with one hand.  

We unpacked our car, and took our trek into the woods where we would be pitching our tent amidst the hundreds of people who were taking the weekend off of their 6-month hike to celebrate their adventure.  With our cots, grille, and 7-person tent, we stuck out as sore thumbs, however were welcomed with open arms.  We quickly met "Chosen One" and "Bear Claw" and upon learning their names I subconsciously must have rolled my eyes because "Chosen One" immediately began to tell me a story.   

Hikers of the trail adopt "trail names" different than what they are called in the real world.  "Chosen One" received his after a woman approached him in a restaurant and told him he was sent from up above.  Most names are not as mystic and often are self-proclaimed including "Snake Bite", because it sounds cool and "Johnnie Walker, because, well, he likes whisky.

The fact that I couldn't put my tent together did not allow the "thru-hikers" to stop from welcoming me into their circle and I was quickly befriended by dozens including "Catfish", "Biohazard", and "Bart".  A relaxing weekend of camping and "finding myself" was about to be replaced with becoming engulfed into a culture that I never knew existed.  Instead of resisting the embrace I gave in: drinking, playing bongos, and storytelling for the next 48 hours.  

In two days of camping with these people, I learned that I would never be one of them.  I quickly realized that I was extremely too domesticated and pampered to be able to quit my job, become homeless for 6 months, and walk 2200 miles.  Although I am not sure I will ever really understand the lifestyle, I cannot help but commend them.   

We often read articles and quotes praising a life of spontaneity while simultaneously striving to achieve some level of it in our daily lives.  Easier said than done, routine often takes over and although we may buy a Groupon for skydiving or plan that cross-country road trip, most of us will never reach the level of spontaneity these individuals incorporate into their daily lives.  

So scoff and roll your eyes at "Catfish" and "Biohazard" all you want.  Odds are, they will offer you a beer or their extra pair of socks as a "pay it forward" type gesture called "Trail Magic".  Rain, rattlesnakes, and a broken tent give them enough reason to lose sleep that they have no time to worry about judgement.  And even if they did, they take solace in the fact that while you are googling images to become your new computer background, they are the ones taking the pictures. 

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Diplomacy At Its Finest

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 5/14/2014

It's great being able to have co-workers who also happen to be your friends. However, when an important decision needs to be made, friends are not often hesitant to tell each other how they feel. With that being said, there have been times at Lems when our diverse personalities have clashed, allowing stubbornness to take heed, and the three of us to go our separate ways in frustration. These indecisive instances have been known to lead Andrew to go for multi-day hikes, Steve to eat meat, and yours truly to weep into his pillow. 

 Since Andrew gets lost easily, Steve is a vegan, and I like to deceive people into thinking I possess manly qualities, we have decided to open up the circle on our latest important decision. That's right kids, Lems wants to hear your opinions, so consider yourselves all temporary Lems' employees! So put your back to the wind, make a custom name tag, put it on your resume, hell, start answering your phone "Lems Shoes, how can I help you?" 

We have decided to come out with a line of T-shirts to go with the wide, lightweight shoes all of the cool kids are wearing. Printed on American Apparel shirts, these designs will be available in the near future via 

 Below are the potential designs and we want to hear your opinion! In the comments, simply tell us which number shirt you like best! Let us know so I don't have to see Steve stuff his face with brisket!! Maniscalco Out!



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Thanks Mom.

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 5/9/2014

Odds are, if you're reading this, you can remember a time in which you were completely embarrassed by your mother.  Several examples that come to mind include but are not limited to: 
My mom telling my high school crush about the pictures I had of her posted in my bedroom or the time she thought it was a good idea to send video of my intimate boy band performance in the bathroom mirror to her entire contact list.  These are just a few of the actions that would be deemed unacceptable if anyone not going by the name of "mom" tried to pull them off.  

But for the sole reason that she does hold that title, we let a few more things slide.  Maybe its because moms are the most selfless and hard-working people around. Need an example?  How about the lack of recognition she expects after packing your lunch, cleaning the house, folding the laundry, making dinner, cleaning dishes, and helping with your homework.  Not to mention the fact that this was all done after working her desk job for 8 hours straight. 

Not enough?  Well I could mention the time she took you and a friend to a standing only punk rock concert when you were to young to get in alone while she had to be at work early the next day.  If you've ever been to a punk rock concert, then you would know most attendees like to aggressively mosh for two hours straight. 

Still need more?  How about getting out of bed at 2 am to pick you up from the bar without hesitation or complaint or pretending to not see you rehearsing in the mirror prior to your first experience with spin the bottle?

Mom's kick ass, PERIOD. Although we are in dis-agreeance on whose mom is the best (ahem Lisa Maniscalco), I think we can all agree that they are ALL superior to ourselves.  

Although Mother's Day is right around the corner, Lems believes we should show our gratitude 365 days a year to those who have attached the title, "Mom" to their resumes.  Therefore, from this point on, all Sweet Janes will now be available for $80.00.

So don't buy mom a gift just because it's that special day.  Give her something special on a Tuesday.  In September.  Just because. 

Love ya mom! 
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Globetrottin' with Lems Shoes

Posted by Brad Maniscalco on 4/29/2014

 If you're like me, ideally you would like to see as many destinations as possible before that bastard named Death interrupts a lovely sunshine-filled day. 

 While my optimism about potential trips soars, my one trip planned thus far in my 27 years was botched due to my middle name being incorrectly spelled on my reservation to Costa Rica (Allen vs. Alan). 

Security is all well and good for potential terrorists however my plans to write a strongly worded Yelp review regarding US airways began to materialize as my round trip vacation to Central America ended two hours later as a round trip vacation to JFK airport.  

Although, I may not be as well-traveled as I would like, thanks to our customers, Lems has. 




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